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Blue Tykkylumi Gloam
Snow Baked Forest Pincushion
Studded Tykkylumi in Sunset Blue Moment
Hook Tykkylumi Silhouettes  in Orange at Sunsets Final Blue Moment in Panorama
Unique Tykkylumi Silhouettes at Sunsets Blue Moment in Panorama
Final Glow Tykkylumi
A lone Photographer Searches for perfect Tykkylumi Scene in Intense minus 25C cold and a biting wind.
Mist over Ruka Valley
Skies Afire
Sun Starting to Set Over Ruka
Tykkylumi Blue Moment
Ruka Mountaintop Scenic Panorama View
Tykkylumi Nightfall Vigil
Alan Deakins - Jorvi Exhibition  24th February – 24th March 2018
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