The Inspiration !

I strive to capture beauty and detail that most of us miss.

I love Long-exposure as a tool - the paint brush effect  shows detail, highlights motion that we so easily miss.

I love Panoramic views. So very important a method for showing a scenes scope. Vertical or horizontal, maybe both ? 5 or 10 or 20 images painstakingly sewn together? Vistas can be breath-taking. Something our eye catches but the casual camera shot misses, cannot reach.

Combine Panoramic with Long exposure; 5 or 10 or 20 becomes 10 or 20 ... or...

I love Dynamic range shooting. Try forcing a broad spread of exposures; maybe a bracket of 7. That's 3 up and 3 down. Now your 10 or 20 becomes 70 and more... But why? Natures human eye is amazing with its ability for seeing dark shadows and bright light almost simultaneously. Mere man's camera's, so more limited. Spread the exposures and suddenly the shadows and the bright light are all opened up. Maybe let passion run free. A whole new vibrant world ! Maybe peak at natures true glory.

We all shoot sunsets. Glorious colours. The mood. The feeling. The Golden moment and hour. The sun reveals and ignites so many colours. Unfolding such hidden details. Our eye adapts so easily to the different light, both away and in towards the sun. But harder for cameras. So why chain yourself by only shooting in towards the sun at sunset? All of the colours and details are still there; so don't be afraid of seizing the moment, that opportunity. Care for the sensor, but unleash a whole wider world of possibilities.

I do hope that you find my work a step towards illustrating natures glory along with the passion.